Kauai Regional ITS Architecture

Element Expanded Functional Requirements: Kauai Fire Departmental Operations Center

Functional Area: Incident Command
  1. The center shall provide tactical decision support, resource coordination, and communications integration for Incident Commands that are established by first responders to support local management of an incident.
  2. The center shall provide incident command communications with public safety, emergency management, transportation, and other allied response agency centers.
  3. The center shall track and maintain resource information and action plans pertaining to the incident command.
  4. The center shall share incident command information with other public safety agencies including resource deployment status, hazardous material information, rail incident information, evacuation advice as well as traffic, road, and weather conditions.
  5. The center shall assess the status of responding emergency vehicles as part of an incident command.

The Hawaiian language uses two diacritical markings. The 'okina is a glottal stop; and the kahako is a macron. The State of Hawaii strongly encourages the use of Hawaiian diacritical markings. The National ITS Architecture tool, Turbo Architecture, does not allow for the Hawaiian diacritical markings to be input and as such, customized service package diagrams, operational concepts and other outputs from Turbo are unable to reflect the diacritical markings. To ensure consistency in this ITS Architecture website, no Hawaiian diacritical markings will be used.