Kauai Regional ITS Architecture

Functional Requirements: Transit Center Information Services

Description: This equipment package collects the latest available information for a transit service and makes it available to transit customers and to Information Service Providers for further distribution. Customers are provided information at transit stops and other public transportation areas before they embark and on-board the transit vehicle once they are enroute. Information provided can include the latest available information on transit routes, schedules, transfer options, fares, real-time schedule adherence, current incidents, weather conditions, yellow pages, and special events. In addition to general service information, tailored information (e.g., itineraries) are provided to individual transit users.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The center shall provide travelers using public transportation with traffic and advisory information upon request. Such information may include transit routes, schedules, transfer options, fares, real-time schedule adherence, current incidents, weather conditions, and special events.
  2. The center shall provide transit information to the media including details of deviations from schedule of regular transit services.
  3. The center shall exchange transit schedules, real-time arrival information, fare schedules, and general transit service information with other transit organizations to support transit traveler information systems.
  4. The center shall provide transit service information to traveler information service providers including routes, schedules, schedule adherence, and fare information as well as transit service information during evacuation.
  5. The center shall enable yellow pages (including non-motorized transportation) information to be output to the traveler.
  6. The center shall broadcast transit advisory data, including alerts and advisories pertaining to major emergencies, or man made disasters.
Included In: Kauai Bus Fixed Route Dispatch

The Hawaiian language uses two diacritical markings. The 'okina is a glottal stop; and the kahako is a macron. The State of Hawaii strongly encourages the use of Hawaiian diacritical markings. The National ITS Architecture tool, Turbo Architecture, does not allow for the Hawaiian diacritical markings to be input and as such, customized service package diagrams, operational concepts and other outputs from Turbo are unable to reflect the diacritical markings. To ensure consistency in this ITS Architecture website, no Hawaiian diacritical markings will be used.