Kauai Regional ITS Architecture

Functional Requirements: Transit Center Vehicle Tracking

Description: This equipment package monitors transit vehicle location. The location information is collected via a data communication link between the transit vehicles and the transit center. The location information is presented to the transit operator on a digitized map of the transit service area. The location data may be used to determine real time schedule adherence and update the transit system´┐Żs schedule in real-time. The real-time schedule information is provided to Information Service Providers and the Transit Center Information Services equipment package, which furnish the information to travelers.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The center shall monitor the locations of all transit vehicles within its network.
  2. The center shall determine adherence of transit vehicles to their assigned schedule.
  3. The center shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used as a background for transit tracking and dispatch.
  4. The center shall provide transit operational data to traveler information service providers.
  5. The center shall provide collected transit probe data to traffic management centers and traveler information service providers for use in measuring current traffic conditions.
Included In: Kauai Bus Fixed Route Dispatch
Kauai Bus Paratransit Dispatch

The Hawaiian language uses two diacritical markings. The 'okina is a glottal stop; and the kahako is a macron. The State of Hawaii strongly encourages the use of Hawaiian diacritical markings. The National ITS Architecture tool, Turbo Architecture, does not allow for the Hawaiian diacritical markings to be input and as such, customized service package diagrams, operational concepts and other outputs from Turbo are unable to reflect the diacritical markings. To ensure consistency in this ITS Architecture website, no Hawaiian diacritical markings will be used.