Kauai Regional ITS Architecture

Functional Requirements: Transit Center Signal Priority

Description: The equipment package monitors transit schedule performance and generates requests for transit priority on routes and at certain intersections. This equipment package may coordinate with the Traffic Management Subsystem to provide transit priority along the selected route. It also coordinates with the Transit Vehicle Subsystem to monitor and manage local transit signal priority requests at individual intersections.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The center shall analyze transit vehicle schedule performance to determine the need for priority along certain routes or at certain intersections.
  2. The center shall send requests for priority along routes or at intersections to traffic management.
  3. The center shall define business rules that govern use of transit vehicle signal priority, communicate these rules to the transit vehicle, and monitor transit vehicle requests for priority at signalized intersections.
  4. The center shall provide transit operations personnel with the capability to control and monitor transit signal priority operations.
Included In: Kauai Bus Fixed Route Dispatch

The Hawaiian language uses two diacritical markings. The 'okina is a glottal stop; and the kahako is a macron. The State of Hawaii strongly encourages the use of Hawaiian diacritical markings. The National ITS Architecture tool, Turbo Architecture, does not allow for the Hawaiian diacritical markings to be input and as such, customized service package diagrams, operational concepts and other outputs from Turbo are unable to reflect the diacritical markings. To ensure consistency in this ITS Architecture website, no Hawaiian diacritical markings will be used.