Maui Regional ITS Architecture

Project Details: Maui Bus Next Bus Information


Project Name:

Project Details: Maui Bus Next Bus Information


This project will deploy a notification system, similar to C&C Honolulu's DaBus smartphone app, to provide next bus information to customers via a smartphone.





Geographic Scope:


Project ID:


County of Maui Department of Transportation

Service Packages:

APTS02-1 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations - Maui Bus
APTS08-1 - Transit Traveler Information - Maui Bus

Project Inventory:

Maui Bus Fixed Route Dispatch
Maui Bus Fixed Route Vehicles
Private Personal Computing Devices


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On-board Transit Trip Monitoring

  • The transit vehicle shall record transit trip monitoring data including vehicle mileage and fuel usage.
  • The transit vehicle shall support the computation of the location of a transit vehicle using on-board sensors to augment the location determination function. This may include proximity to the transit stops or other known reference points as well as recording trip length.
  • The transit vehicle shall track the current location of the transit vehicle.

Transit Center Information Services

  • The center shall provide travelers using public transportation with traffic and advisory information upon request. Such information may include transit routes, schedules, transfer options, fares, real-time schedule adherence, current incidents, weather conditions, and special events.


Source Architecture Flows Destination
Maui Bus Fixed Route Dispatch personal transit information Private Personal Computing Devices
Maui Bus Fixed Route Vehicles transit vehicle schedule performance Maui Bus Fixed Route Dispatch
Private Personal Computing Devices transit information user request Maui Bus Fixed Route Dispatch


SDODocument IDTitleType
SAE View List Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) General Use Standards Group Group
APTA APTA TCIP-S-001 3.0.4 Standard for Transit Communications Interface Profiles Message/Data


Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
County of Maui Department of Transportation
Provide transit traveler information via Maui Bus Traveler Information System, the Maui Bus Transit App, and Maui Bus Hub Displays.
Track and evaluate schedule performance for all Maui Bus vehicles.

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