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Project Details: HIEMA Emergency Messages on DMS


Project Name:

Project Details: HIEMA Emergency Messages on DMS


This project will create a connection to allow HIEMA to have the ability to put emergency messages on HDOT-HWY DMS. HIEMA would not have direct control of the signs, but provide information or messages via a center-to-center connection.





Geographic Scope:


Project ID:


Hawaii Department of Transportation - Highways Division
Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Service Packages:

ATMS06-1 - Traffic Information Dissemination - HDOT Highways (HDOT-HWY)
EM08-2 - Disaster Response and Recovery - Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) EOC (2 of 2)

Project Inventory:

Hawaii State EOC
HDOT-HWY Field Devices
HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center


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Emergency Response Management

  • The center shall manage coordinated inter-agency responses to and recovery from large-scale emergencies. Such agencies include traffic management, transit, maintenance and construction management, rail operations, and other emergency management agencies.

Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination

  • The field element shall include dynamic messages signs for dissemination of traffic and other information to drivers, under center control; the DMS may be either those that display variable text messages, or those that have fixed format display(s) (e.g. vehicle restrictions, or lane open/close).

TMC Incident Dispatch Coordination/Communication

  • The center shall exchange alert information and status with emergency management centers. The information includes notification of a major emergency such as a natural or man-made disaster, civil emergency, or child abduction for distribution to the public. The information may include the alert originator, the nature of the emergency, the geographic area affected by the emergency, the effective time period, and information and instructions necessary for the public to respond to the alert. This may also identify specific information that should not be released to the public.

TMC Traffic Information Dissemination

  • The center shall remotely control dynamic messages signs for dissemination of traffic and other information to drivers.


Source Architecture Flows Destination
Hawaii State EOC emergency traffic control request HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center
HDOT-HWY Field Devices roadway information system status HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center
HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center roadway information system data HDOT-HWY Field Devices


SDODocument IDTitleType
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA View List NTCIP Center-to-Center Standards Group Group
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA View List NTCIP Center-to-Field Standards Group Group
IEEE View List Incident Management Standards Group Group
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA NTCIP 1201 Global Object Definitions Message/Data
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA NTCIP 1203 Object Definitions for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) Message/Data
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA NTCIP 1211 Object Definitions for Signal Control and Prioritization (SCP) Message/Data


Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
Hawaii Department of Transportation - Highways Division
Coordinate incident and threat information with the Hawaii State EOC and the City and County of Honolulu EOC.
Provide traffic information to travelers via HDOT DMS equipment and GoAkamai.
Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
Provide evacuation and incident information to travelers in the state using the National Alert Warning System, the Hawaii Alert Warning System, Statewide Siren Warning System, and the Emergency Alert system.

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