Hawaii Statewide ITS Architecture

Project Details: HDOT-HWY Travel Time Expansion


Project Name:

Project Details: HDOT-HWY Travel Time Expansion


This project will expand highway travel time coverage on HDOT-HWY facilities.





Geographic Scope:


Project ID:


Hawaii Department of Transportation - Highways Division

Service Packages:

ATMS02-1 - Traffic Probe Surveillance - HDOT Highways (HDOT-HWY)

Project Inventory:

HDOT-HWY Field Devices
HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center


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Roadway Probe Beacons

  • The field element shall communicate with passing vehicles for traffic data link time calculations and send collected data to the controlling center; identification will be removed to ensure anonymity.

TMC Probe Information Collection

  • The center shall collect traffic probe data from vehicles via roadside field equipment.


Source Architecture Flows Destination
HDOT-HWY Field Devices traffic probe data HDOT-HWY Traffic Management Center


SDODocument IDTitleType
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA View List NTCIP Center-to-Field Standards Group Group
ASTM View List Dedicated Short Range Communication at 915 MHz Standards Group Group
ASTM/IEEE/SAE View List Dedicated Short Range Communication at 5.9 GHz Standards Group Group
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA NTCIP 1201 Global Object Definitions Message/Data
AASHTO/ITE/NEMA NTCIP 1206 Object Definitions for Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) Devices Message/Data
IEEE IEEE 1455-1999 Standard for Message Sets for Vehicle/Roadside Communications Message/Data
SAE SAE J2735 Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary Message/Data


Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
Hawaii Department of Transportation - Highways Division
Obtain traffic images and traffic flow data through CCTVs and field sensors, and maintain operational control of its own field equipment.

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