Hawaii Statewide ITS Architecture

Functional Requirements: Roadway Signal Controls

Description: This equipment package includes the field elements that monitor and control signalized intersections. It includes the traffic signal controllers, signal heads, detectors, and other ancillary equipment that supports traffic signal control. It also includes field masters, and equipment that supports communications with a central monitoring and/or control system, as applicable. The communications link supports upload and download of signal timings and other parameters and reporting of current intersection status. This equipment package represents the field equipment used in all levels of traffic signal control from basic actuated systems that operate on fixed timing plans through adaptive systems. It also supports all signalized intersection configurations, including those that accommodate pedestrians.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The field element shall control traffic signals under center control.
  2. The field element shall respond to pedestrian crossing requests by accommodating the pedestrian crossing.
  3. The field element shall provide the capability to notify the traffic management center of pedestrian calls and pedestrian accommodations.
  4. The field element shall report the current signal control information to the center.
  5. The field element shall report current preemption status to the center.
  6. The field element shall return traffic signal controller operational status to the center.
  7. The field element shall return traffic signal controller fault data to the center.
  8. The field element shall report current transit priority status to the center.
Included In: HDOT-HWY Field Devices

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